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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On The Road and Newspaper Photo-OP !

Photo Ops! We made the front page of Section B of Bradenton Herald newspaper this last Sunday with our photos of our Bougainvillea !

Spent the day driving to almost mid-state to visit some of our fellow nursery friends and came back with some great goodies for the Ocala Show this weekend ! Mid-State, of course, got hit very hard over the 10 day freeze in January and nursery people are having the same challenges like us of having stock recover, and to get it to come back and grow !

When we travel afar around Florida, we always take back roads..takes a bit longer, but the scenery is so worth it. Some brief encounters we had today: Loads of Osprey and Eagle nests nestled high in transformer poles; lots of barren fields of wasted tomatoes, but strawberries were looking good; loads of baby cows grazing with their mamas; 2 Horse riders ambling up to the Circle K to get a snack; road construction, but good, as they are widening very narrow 2 lane roads that many big trucks run on to make it safer; farm workers resting against shade trees on their breaks from backbreaking harvesting's amazing how you can get out of towns pretty quick and be in far-reaching gorgeous land that is filled with crops, animals birds and assorted critters. We didn't have to rescue any errant turtles today trying to cross the road, so that's a good thing !

Check back tomorrow, with have info about our upcoming shows !

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