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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Leu Gardens Here We Come !

(pic) Henry P Leu Gardens, Orlando FL

After having a great show this past weekend up in Ocala, we are headed to the Spring Leu Gardens Plant Show this weekend !Again, one of our favorite shows in a fantastic, world-wide known botanical garden. The show runs Sat and Sunday..Google Leu Gardens for more info if you want to make the drive over from this coast, promise it will be worth it, and bring your cart !

Unfortunately, we cannot do any of our regular markets this weekend. The winter blast we all experienced really affected the amount of stock available and all of us are 2-4 weeks behind on growing time. So, we are concentrating all our efforts towards the Leu Show and have some great unusual and colorful things.

One of the plants we are bringing, is the "Wollemi Pine" a true living tree fossil from Australia. This is one of the rarest and most special Pines on the planet..we only have a 1/2 dozen, and expect them to go fast. Google the "Wollemi Pine" to find out about the fascinating history of the discovery of this special specimen. The trees we have are about 3ft tall and gorgeous and they all will come with the National Geographic background on finding them, as well as certificate of authenticity.

The following weekend, we will be at the GreenFest at the Univ. of Tampa, and hopefully will have enough stock by then to set up at our treasured local markets too.

Meanwhile, enjoy this warming gorgeous weather and this is the time to get out and start doing general cleanup/trim stuff and get some new plants into your gardens!

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