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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Offerings this week!

We have some great new stuff for markets this week. Pictured here is the lovely Yellow Straw Flower, which we have available in hanging baskets. This plant is one of our most popular ! We also have some other lovely perennial hanging baskets that contain Verbena, Licorice and Bacopa combinations.

Our new batch of Herbs are ready and we have more of the ever-popular Peppermint and Spearmints ! Also have huge pots of Parsley and Cilantro.

Also, this time of year for a short time, we have the dainty and gorgeous looking Primrose pots that make a great addition to any windowsill or patios.

Expecting one more little cool front this week which we believe will not be a severe one so we are pressing on with getting our Spring gardening in. Many of you have already mentioned how you are seeing once-brown plants starting to sprout back ! Although it may take some and patience, many of the hardest hit plants like Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, Crotons and Palms should make a good comeback.

We had a lovely warm day at the Tuesday Morning Market at Gulfport yesterday, with good customer turnout. Most of the vendors there are vendor friends that we work with at many other area markets. Tomorrow (Thurs) is market day at Safety Harbor and we always look forward to setting up around the beautiful gazebo on Main Street !

Oh, we also started a Facebook page for our business where we can post our schedule of shows and events. We also have links on our FB page to many of our favorite other vendors as well as organizations and events around the Pinellas area. When signed on to your FB account, under "friends search", type in "Mitch Armstrong Nursery" and you will see the link come up with our name with a picture of the beautiful Red Passion Flower...check it out, and tell all your plant-loving friends about it!

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