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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December Happenings

Wow, December is going so fast ! Well, last weekend, we were not blessed with very good weather. We did not set up at downtown St. Pete Market last weekend and good thing, as the raw, cold and windy weather was a fact, some of our very good vendor friends lost or had damaged tents and merchandise so our hearts go out to them.

As we get more into Winter, we are going to start participating in more markets during the week around the area. Tomorrow (Wed.), we will be at the Clearwater Market, one of the oldest markets around. We are also looking into participation at the Largo Market or Safety Harbor Markets on Thursdays.

One of the great things with this cooler weather, is the plants are not needing as much water so we can save a valuable resource, plus use the time usually spent on that, to other uses !
This is a good time to check the mulch in your garden that helps protect plants from cold spells. We are crossing fingers that we will have a mild winter and not have to deal with any freezes !

As the month progresses, many of you are celebrating your individual holidays and don't forget that if you need presents, the area Fresh Markets are a great source for finding the new and unusual..and as we always believe, Plants are great presents, because they truly are the gift that "keeps on giving" !

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