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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Roser Park Update--New Plants !

We have a gorgeous load ready to go up for the Roser Park show this weekend! The pic at left, is the yummy Cassia Bicapsularis..a gorgeous Winter bloomer that butterflies love and one of the few plants that gives you gorgeous color during the Winter time. These are gorgeous specimens in 3 gallon pots for a great price of only $15.

We also some gorgeous orange/yellow Dwarf Poincienna , large Bougainvillea, Hanging baskets of Red/White Euro baskets, and also, finally of our rarest plants, the Excoecaria, commonly known as "Chinese Croton" which we will have in hanging baskets and 6" pots. We also still have some of the great edible fruit passion vine "purple possum", and, another great fruit for the season-- Brown Turkey Figs in 3 gallons with baby figs growing on them! The load will also include quite a bit of special 1-gallon plants like the Butterfly Wing and Perennial Peanut. For some holiday color, we will have deep red Diplodenia and lovely pink Mandavilla. Also, one more special thing is our new crop of Strawberry Guava bushes. Rounding out the cast, among other things, is our last bunch of the very popular Gator Orange Hibiscus, and the "Cheri" Hibiscus.

All in all, a gorgeous load that our crew David and Donna are bringing and we are sorry we won't be there ourselves, as we head up to the Mt. Dora show in the morning, but we have a trusty, knowledgeable crew that will be happy to assist you. As always, thanks to all of you for your continued support during this trying economy. We hope you make a point to come and visit the beautiful Roser Park area, enjoy the show and the cooler weather that is promised !!

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