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Monday, November 2, 2009

Oompah ! Tarpon Springs and Upcoming Events

We had a fun show at Tarpon Springs this weekend and met many new friends! What a great community and great atmosphere.....although the show was another bit of disappointment on customer turn out (another hot weekend, but much cooler on Sunday) , we enjoyed being there, along with really enjoying some great Greek food ! Our customers loved the Dwarf Poincienna, Gator Orange Hibiscus, the lovely delicate Butterfly Wing, and much more.

Coming up this weekend.....Mitch and I are off for one of our favorite shows in Mt. Dora..this is their big Fall Plant show with over 50 plus specialty plant vendors, set in a gorgeous park over looking the lake. What makes it very special for us, is we get to spend the weekend with our treasured friends, Sharry & Stuart, who have a darling carriage house for us to stay in over the weekend. I talked with Sharry tonight, and Mt. Dora, like so many places, has had it's challenges with the economy and always welcomes special events. Encouraging to hear though, that their big Fall Arts and Craft show that took place last weekend had record turn-out crowds, so we are hoping those crowds are in the mood for some great plants this weekend! Also, checked the temps forecasting and looks to be a beautiful Fall weekend with cooler!

Roser Park Festival! Our backup crew will be bringing our plants to the 2 day Roser Park Arts & Craft Festival in St. Pete. Roser Park is a gorgeous old historic district just south of downtown St. Pete. If you are in the area, you don't want to miss this..great offerings of high quality Arts & Crafts, as well as our plants, and they will have garden tours etc..check it out at the Roser Park website!

Is Fall coming ? betcha....we may just have a few more warming days but we think there is definitely a change in the air. Many people ask about planting this time of year, and we know from experience that yes, it is still a great time to get things planted and established. Everyone wants some nice color and new additions to their garden every season, and this time is no different. If anything, the heat and stress to plants is much less, needs less watering to maintain, and we are so lucky in Florida to have a majority of the year where we can enjoy foliage in our gardens and homes. Also, plants will thrive during this time, although they may go into a bit of slow time as far as growth etc, but if you get them established now, just think how things are going to really spring up, come Spring of 2010 ! Mulch your gardens well and they will be protected during cooler times and you won't have to battle the ever-present weeds that that give us all a challenge in summer time.

As things cool off, this is the perfect time to be able to sit out in your garden, in your favorite patio chair and read a good book, do the Sunday Crossword Puzzle, have friends over etc while watching the butterflies and bees flit about they say, it's good therapy........nature !!

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