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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mid June Hot Summer Time !

Well, hello all and so sorry for not having more recent posts...I have been under the weather for weeks with bad sciatica when I picked up a plant "just the wrong way" but thanks to Dr. Diane and some meds, I am making a comeback! So said, Mitch has been under the gun, so to speak, to handle everything and with this heat and humidity, it's a challenge every day. Okay, so for a few catch-ups....we are in the midst of the participating in the Sat. Morning SUMMER market at Mahaffee theatre garage...been 2 weeks, and it has been interesting. Being under a garage affords us protection from the sun and rain but certainly brings a different feel of market. We have to say though, there is some intimacy in it, that is interesting ! There are 70 plus vendors and tho yes, it is out of the sun, it can be a bit muggy but we do get some nice breezes coming off the Bay. We are set up right next to the Market Booth and they have afforded us plenty of spread-out space. We still have a ton of great stock, one of which is pictured, which you may have seen before, the "Butterfly Wing". Also, we have a great new exotic plant, the "Giant White-flowering Milkweed" which has has this giant orb which is its seed pod, that looks"out of this world" I gottta get a pic to show you soon !

One of the main things we are doing is providing more ground covers..everyone wants to replace grass, or fill in spare spaces..we have a great assortment of items: Perennial Peanut, Sagina Moss, Mimosa, Corrigan Mint etc., and we can provide in quantity if needed.

Meanwhile, update on some happenings:

Next weekend, we will be down in Punta Gorda at their Annual Hibiscus Festival so we will NOT be at market, but we return the following Sat, June 27th. This is also the weekend we are hoping to do our annual end-of-market House Plant show at our house in St. Pete. As you may have read earlier, the City of St. Pete seemed to have some problem with our "plant sale" in the past regarding city ordinances (??)) so we are in the works of working that out so that we can do the sale..if all goes well, we are planning on doing the sale at our house that Fri-Sat-Sun, so stay tuned and keep checking back here,plus we will email all on our master list.

Looking forward, we plan to keep particpating in the Summer market as long as people keep turning out for us and all the vendors..we need your support ! We all spend money on booth fees, hired help and keeping our stock covered, and if sales keep up, we can be there for you, so please come on out and see everybody. But of course, as you know, if you have special needs, email us so we can accommodate you over the summer and we can arrange plant purchases and pick up at our house during the week !

We don't have to tell you all, this is a trying time for all of us, and all of us in the plant industry are especially affected what with the drought and water restrictions and all. Our goal is to continue to provide you with what you need to continue to have great gardens and we believe we can do that, and you can have your gardens of eden, even in these trying times.

All for now, happy gardening..get out there early in the morning or late evening, get the citronella burning to keep the bugs away, whip a Margarita and enjoy your gardens !

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