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Thursday, September 28, 2023


Current Home Nursery Plant Inventory (but there's always more not mentioned !)




Multi Colors of Green and Pink leaves – 6 inch pots 12

Multi Colors of Green and Pink leaves – 4 inch pots 5


Amazonica – 6 inch – tall & nice ! 12

Black stem colocasia 3 gal pot 12

Black Velvet– 4 inch pots 10

Frydek – 6 inch pot- Nice & full 15

Mickey Mouse (xanthosoma varigata)  6 in pot  -small 8

Silver dragon  6 in pot 8


Lancifolia (aka Rattlesnake) 4 inch pot 7

Stromanthe Magic Star 1 gallon pot 12

Stromanthe Magic Star 3 gallon pot, huge 35


Agave lophanta – 1 gal w/multiple pups 30

Crown of Thorns-dwarf, red flowering, 3 inch pot 5

Crown of thorns – 1 gallon pots 12 to 20

Euphorbia neriifolia-3 gallon 4 ft tall-gorgeous 55

Euphorbia Stenoclada – 3 gallon 65

Ghost Cactus – 3 gallon tall 55

Kalenchoe beharensis (curly velvet) 3 gal pot 50

Madagascar palm starters – 4 in pot, 12” tall  nice! 10

Opuntia cochenillifera (varigated pad cactus) 4 in pot 15

Pickle cactus-Senecio stepilaformis – 4 in pot 8

Rhipsalis coral (flat leaf rhipsalis)  Hanging basket 30 (SOLD)

Whale Fin – 6 inch pots 15

Whale Fin – varigated 6 inch pot -2 stems 25

Whale Fin-Varigated – 6 inch pot – 1 stem 20




Ghost cactus 6-8” long unrooted, hardened off 10

Ghost cactus  14-18” thick long stems, unrooted, hardened off 20

Various mix of succulent/cacti/exotics Priced $1 to $5

Tibouchina – big leaf 4


DESERT ROSE – Need sun !

Double Red – tall mature 3 gallon pots 65


Adansonii 6 inch pot coming

Blue Ginger – 3 gallon 40

Curcuma Manne Siam – 8 inch pot 15

Gloriosum “Summer Glory” 6 inch pot nice ! coming

Gloriosum dark green 6 inch pot coming

Jose Bueno – 3 gallon  50

Money Tree (pachira) braided- 4 inch pot 10

Money Tree (pachira) Thick stem- 6 inch pot 15

Philodendron “Lime” - 6 inch pot 12

Philodendron White Princess – 6 inch pot 45

Scindapsus pictus  5 inch Hanging basket 12

Stilt perperomia – 4 inch pots 7

Tibouchina-big leaf (heteromalla)  1 gallon pot 12

Vanilla dilloniana (leafless vanilla orchid) ask mitch

Vanilla poitaei (leafless vanilla orchid) ask mitch

Whtite Bird of Paradise – 3 gallon – multi stem – shade or indoors 25


Birds Nest - “Crissie” 4 inch pot 5

Staghorn – 4 inch starter pot to put in basket or mount 5

Staghorn – in 6 inch wood hanging basket w/ spagnum 20


Fiddle Leaf 3 gal- 4 to 5ft tall 35

Shivereana Moonshine (varigated) 4” 10

Shivereana Moonshine (varigated) 6” 20

Triangularis – 3 gallon 12


Heart Leaf varigated -5 inch hang. Basket-7 leaves 35

Macrophylla w/ inner varigation 6 inch pot 2-4 leaves 12

Various 2-3 inch rooted cuttings - $2 each


Spider (Red spotted yellow) Very tall 3 gallon trellis 65

Rare- B. nodosa mini mouse-4” hang bsket-frag white flower

 contd->  has bloom spikes  (got 3) 25

Rare- Anceps x cernua, 8” mounted, frag pink flower

 5 leaves 25

 6 leaves 30

 11 leaves 50


Assorted Minis -3 in pots Haworthia/Aloe/echavaria  Mix 3



Croton “Picasso Paintbrush” 1 gallon – sun 12

Dracena “Lemon Lime” 3 gallon – shade 12

Gardenia 3 gal – morning sun 15

Giant Milkweed – 3 gallon – Sun coming

Lady Margaret Passion Vine – 3 gallon coming

Mast Tree starters – 1 gallon – sun/shade 15

Oyster Tricolor – 1 gallon- sun/shade 7

Purple Possem edible passion flower vine 3 gal trellis – sun coming

Tibouchina heteromalla – 1 gallon, tall ! 12



Potting Soil – 1 gallon baggie size 4

Succulent soil – sandwich baggie size 2

Decorative pots that fit 4” plants perfectly 3


Sept. 28th, 2023

Hello Friends and hoping that everyone got through this long hot summer and are ready for some Fall gardening.

It's been a long time since we (Annie) wrote a long blog post and many people have been wanting and urging us to catch up and do it more often. Customers are asking about "us" and our "plant life" as it is nowadays, so thought this would be a good time to recap how us and our nursery are doing !

(Note: yup, this is an "old"pic of us, and the Plantman was 50lbs heavier then, and we don't need to talk about any poundage I have put On, haha)

First, although we are getting up more in years, our enthusiasm for plant life  and doing Market, and shows is still in full force - we just have had to do some adjustments here and there, to keep it going.

So, let's get some personal stuff out of the way - we know many of you miss seeing Mitch at market much, and he misses that too, but truth be told, between battling Prostate cancer, Heat Strokes, Covid, recent Heart conditions and a loss of 60+ pounds due to all these treatments , the Plantman has had to slow down. His heart and soul are still in it and he still remains a vital force of the company.  But good news is that he is still in remission for his prostate cancer the last 3 years, he had some spanking new stents put in his heart this summer, and he just has to limit his time outside in the Florida heat. He turned 71 years young this summer, and can be found constantly perusing the Net for Plant pics & info, seeds & sources and loves to connect with many plant people locally and all around the world.  And of course, he is Chief Water guy, making sure our home nursery stock is kept healthy and hydrated. In his heart, he still feels "mid-40s" !

For me, just a few years behind at 68 young and heart, sure, I have slowed down too, go regularly for some physical health stuff, and am a proud owner of my own Stents now !  But we both are hanging in there, and aim to be for many more years but of course, we could not do it without some fabulous help in the form of our main man at market, Ray Gurgui, our personal energizer bunny, who keeps us organized and guides all our loads, unloads, set up and sales.  We also have the gift of part time help from Gwen White and Oliver Petrovic (who makes the long trek from Serbia every year for a 6 month stint to help us !)  We are actively looking for another member to join our team who loves plants and can provide some needed physical assistance so if you or someone you know is looking for a great opportunity to be in the plant business.

We had a wonderful time at Summer Market at Williams Park again this year, and after a long September break that Market takes, we are thrilled to get back to the Fall Market season, that starts Sat. Oct. 7th at the regular location of the old Al Lang Field (now Rowdies stadium parking lot) in downtown St. Pete.  The market has long been our home base since Mitch started with the market in its inception in 2002 and I joined up with him in 2005. We are very proud to be a part of this market that started right at the beginning of the growth spurt of Downtown St. Pete and feel that the market has hugely contributed to the heart of our town's community. The Market enables us and many other small businesses to contribute to grow and thrive.

We are continuing to grow some plants that are special to our hearts and we will continue to do Road Trips all around to find fabulous, healthy plants to bring to you - one of our main goals has been and will continue to be, supporting other small family-owned plant businesses for what we do buy.  They know we want to hand pick and they know we only want beautiful, healthy plants and many of them have their own challenges nowadays in the industry up against larger suppliers, so we feel it is important to contribute and support them as they continue to strive to make a living doing what they love in their smaller ways.

Okay, before ending this, let me give you some dates in the future for some special events we participate.  The annual Fall Plant festival in the beautiful little town of Mt. Dora happens the weekend of November 4th & 5th.  And the big Shopapalooza Festival at Vinoy Park happens Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 25th & 26th.

This weekend, Fri and Sat. Sept 29th & 30th, we will have our last late Summer sale at the Home Nursery, 10am-5pm both days.  You can find some great deals on plants, come visit Mitch (!) and help us raise some much needed funds to get our Fall market and Show season happening - we so appreciate your support - without our loyal followers and new friends we love to make, we could not keep going, so heartfelt thanks from both of us.

Home nursery addy is:

1331 39h avenue north, St. Pete 33703 (just down the way from nearby  Northeast Shopping area of St. Pete).  Parking is easy in our neighborhood (just please don't block driveways), and we always have cool drinks and cookies to share.

Lastly, I will be making another post immediately with a current list of our plant stock availability, but there will be many specimens that won't make the list since it is Very hard to keep track of a 999-plant yard inventory, so it's always fun to come visit the home jungle and we guarantee you can find something, big or small, to take home with you -  And Mitch is always very happy to share some cuttings and plant knowledge :)

Thank you again for your support to us 💓💓

Annie & Mitch - Mitch Armstrong Nursery 

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

 June 6, 2023

Greetings all, and welcome to Mitch Armstrong's Nursery in Summer in Pinellas  County, FL

We are currently vending at the Saturday Morning Summer Market, at Williams Park, downtown St. Pete.  June through August.  Market hours 9am-1pm

Starting this week, we will be putting out a weekly Plant Stock Availability Listing on here, as well as the Mitch Armstrong Nursery Facebook Page.

There are 3 ways to order/obtain/pay for plant purchases:

1.  You can order by email and prepay by email communication and pick up at the Saturday Market

2.  You can order by email and prepay by email communication by setting up an appointment time at our home nursery located in NE St. Pete

3.  You can order by email and prepay by email communication, to pick up plants at your convenience, at a staging area at our Home Nursery  (I am sorry we are not set up to SHIP)

You can reach us by:

727-742-9265 (for text inquiries)

Prepayment can be done by Paypal or Zelle

Plant Stock Availability As of 6/7/23:

(Note: this list represents about 90% of plants at our Home Nursery. Our inventory constantly changes as we add new product that we are growing and propagating, as well as inventory obtained on our Plant Buying Trips. Every plant that we buy elsewhere is hand-selected.  Also note, we have many large specimens of Cactus currently, some of which we have listed here, others that can be best seen by private appointment)

Thank you for supporting our small Local Nursery !
Annie & Mitch 

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Spring 2023 Happenings around the Nursery


Greetings all, and welcome to Spring in Florida.  It is already warming up fast and we know everyone is eager to get out in their gardens, spruce up their patios and add plant elements inside their homes too .

We wanted to keep everyone updated on our schedule, so here goes !

Our "home base" is Saturday Morning Market, downtown St. Pete  every Saturday from 9am-2pm.  We are in our 21st season as a full time vendor here. You can find us along the back East row of market, midway in the row, right next to the Honey People.  We set up a very large booth area with multiple tents, umbrellas and tables in order to display our gorgeous stock of Exotic Tropicals, Succulents and Cacti and we always have the popular Fiddle Leaf Ficus, along with specimens for the ground and containers, such as Desert Rose, Passion Vines, Perennial Vines, Hibiscus and more.

The regular season of market at the Al Lang Field parking lot run through the end of May, 2023, and immediately starting in June, we all move to the lovely Tree-shaded Williams Park just a few block away. The summer market is every Saturday from 9am-1pm.

Once in a while, we participate at St. Pete area special events, and this coming weekend, on Sunday, April 2nd, we will be set up at the popular 3 Daughters Brewing location, 222 22nd street south, just off the main drag of the Central Avenue district.  This event runs Noon till 5pm.  Us, along with a dozen other special plant and artisan vendors will be there for your shopping pleasure.

We are also available by private appointment, for you to visit us at our Home Nursery in north St. Pete. during the week.  Contact us by email or text to set up a convenient time.


Text:  727-742-9265

We are also gearing up for our biggest show of the Spring Season, the Green Thumb Festival, that happens here in St. Pete at Walter Fuller Park, on the west side of town.  This is a popular huge event with over 120 vendors set up around the park, along with non-profits and city-supported Plant programs.  There is also a great area of Foods to Eat on site, as well as nice bathrooms.

Here's the info you need for Green Thumb festival:

Saturday and Sunday, April 29th and 30th


Walter Fuller Park - 7901 30th avenue north

There is a huge, FREE parking lot.  We also encourage you to bring your plant wagons for this one !

Thank you for your continued support to our small, Local business - your support keeps us going when you attend our markets and festivals, as we do not have a retail business, but we strive to be available in our special ways !

Happy Gardening from Mitch and Annie !

Saturday, November 26, 2022

 November 25, 2022

Greetings all, this weekend, we will be set up at the Shopapalooza Festival, in downtown St. Pete, at Vinoy Park !  Come see us in the South Zone, right by the Big Wrapped Present Boxes located at the south entrance of 5th avenue north.

The show goes Sat & Sun, 10am-5pm

Next week, we will return to our home base of Saturday Morning Market, at the Rowdies stadium lot on 1st avenue south and 1st street.

Our current contact:

727-742-9265   or 727-542-9951

Monday, September 19, 2022

Plant Stock Available A/O 9/19/22

 Plant Stock Available Sept. 19, 2022

To purchase, please email or text us. It can be arranged for appointment to pick up or secure porch pick up at our Home Nursery here in St. Pete.  Payment is by Cash, Pay Pal or Zelle.


Text:  727-742-9265

Thank you for your support !

Annie & Mitch

Armstrong Nursery

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

March 15, 2022

Greetings, here is our latest Plant Availability List as of March 15, 2022.

We will be back at the downtown St. Pete Saturday Morning Market this weekend, March 19th.

You can also reach us with questions or request for pics, as well as setting up private appointment to our Home Nursery, here in St. Pete - just email us at:

You can also text to us at:  727-742-9265

Thank you for supporting our Local Nursery !